Foraging Bird Toys - Items tagged as "Natural & shreddable parts"

Foraging Bird Toys
Foraging toys are a vet recommended way to stimulate your bird's senses. In the wild, birds aren't simply given food in a dish, they forage for it!

Foraging is easily implemented in day to day life. Many toys offer foraging by providing places where small treats and nuts may be stuffed inside.

Another way to provide foraging opportunities is to place your bird's food in a dish as usual, but place toy parts on top for them to dig through in order to reach their food. Items such as our coconut husk bites, vine balls and other similar items work well for this.
Wild parrots spend most of their daily routine foraging for their food. This keeps their bodies fit and their mind's active. Foraging is an important activity for domestic birds as well and often times keeps them from getting bored.