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Your Bird Will Dive Right In

We offer a wholesome variety of food, treats and teas,
all made in-house, right here in the USA!

Let's get down to the important stuff.

We have been in the bird toy business for over 25 years and our motto is simple - if we wouldn't give it to our bird, we won't sell it to yours! Everything we sell is as safe as it gets.

Bird safety is our number one priority - we don't just carry toys that are cheap or popular, we carry toys that are SAFE and those of which always adhere to the following standards:

Bird Safe Hardware - NO lead or zinc
Food Grade Colors- NO dangerous chemicals
100% Natural Fiber Rope- NO synthetics
Veggie Tanned Leather - NO chrome tanning
Non-Toxic Wood - NO treated or toxic species

All of our bird toys and parts come from a bird-free, state-of-the-art toy shop in beautiful Northern Arkansas.

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