SS Skewer & Kabob Toys

SS Skewer & Kabob Toys

A few examples of the excellent ways that skewers can be used...

Safe, durable, refillable, inexpensive! The above photos show a few samples of how you can quickly refill a skewer with new toys.

#1 - Fruits & Veggies - Empty Skewers can be filled with fruits and vegetables and placed into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

#2 - Talon Toys - Your skewer can easily be stuffed full of talon toys to create an enticing toy. Almost any talon toy with a hole can be stacked onto an empty skewer.

#3 - Vine Balls - If your bird loves vine items, stack them up to create a shreddable foraging toy that treats can be stuffed into.

#4 - Wood Lovers - String practically any wood part onto the skewer to create a toy that your bird can tear up. When one piece or all is gone, just fill with new pieces.
Stainless steel skewers are safe, washable and easily refilled with your parrot's favorite toy parts. Many talon toy-type toys may also be stacked onto bare skewers to make a quick, refillable. Toy!