100% Carrots, Broccoli & Cauliflower - 1.5 Cups - Bird Bites Healthy Freeze Dried Treats

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100% Carrots, Broccoli & Cauliflower - Bird Bites Healthy Freeze Dried Treats

A bag of our freeze dried mix of healthy veggies. No preservatives, no fillers. No sulphur or sulfites. Just 100% veggies that's freeze dried right here, by us, in the USA, and that's all. Made with human grade everything. Trust us, they're totally yummy.

Approximately 1.5 cups per bag!

What is freeze dried?

Awesome. That's what it is. How many of us WANT to give our bird the best possible diet but find ourselves short of time? Just like eating healthy ourselves, life gets in the way, we get it. Trust us, we definitely get it! Buuuut... now you can give your bird fresh vegetables with the convenience of simply scooping it out the same way you would pellets or seed.

Hellloooo, Bird Bites!

The freeze drying process is as close to feeding fresh as you can get. It preserves the freshness of the ingredients within and retains nearly 100% of nutrients. For comparison, dehydrated food only retains around 60%. That's almost double the vitamins and minerals! Only the freshest (no mushy, old stuff here!) fruits and veggies are chosen, washed, chopped and freeze dried in a clean, professional setting.

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