Bird Brews - Avian Tea Blends - 3 Flavors to Choose From

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Bird Brews Avian Teas

Made from 100% organic ingredients, Bird Brews are an excellent way to add some health benefits and flavor to your bird's diet.

Each bag contains 1.5 cups, or approximately 2 ounces. One bag yields approximately 24 servings.

There are three ways to offer Bird Brews to your flock:

1. Simply steep one tablespoon in 8 to 10 ounces of hot (not boiling) water and allow to cool before serving. There's no need to remove the botanicals, they are completely edible.

2. You can also steep in a strainer and pour the liquid into a spray bottle and apply to feathers topically. Just remember, always refrigerate leftover liquids and never use as a total replacement for water!

3. They can also be easily added dry as a topper on your bird's favorite seed or pellets, or paired with our Bird Bites Freeze Dried Chop!

We offer the three following blends:

Take it Easy - A relaxing blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Raspberry Leaves, Lemon Balm, all with the ability to easy anxiety and promote calm.

Feather Glam - A soothing blend of Calendula, chamomile, rose petals, peppermint and lemongrass. Does your bird have itchy feathers? Are they constantly irritated during molting season? Chill those itchy urges by steeping as a tea or spraying topically in a water bottle.

Detox & Immunity - Dandelion Leaf, Hibiscus, Red Clover, Echinacea and Dandelion Root, all to promote healthy liver function and a robust immune system.

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