Large (12") Birdie Binkie by Cheep Thrills Bird Toys

Color: Pink Tie Dye
Sale price$32.00


Birdie Binkies are back in stock!

After creating them over 20 years ago, we temporarily discontinued them during the COVID pandemic when sourcing fleece became challenging. However, these comforting and snuggly toys are handmade in the USA by Cheep Thrills using soft, no-pill fleece and a sturdy, zinc-free welded ring.

These toys are perfect for birds that enjoy cuddling, and we've found that fleece is a safer material compared to string or other fabrics. Additionally, for birds that pluck or over-preen, this toy provides a distraction for them to focus on.

The inner ring diameter is approximately 12 inches, which is recommended for larger birds.

Comes with a zinc-free pear link for snug hanging.

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